Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bring your Show 'N' Tell Instruments from home to Music Pals

Does your child have an instrument from home that he or she would like to share with the class in Music Pals?
Feel free to bring in your Show 'N' Tell instruments on any music day!  If the instrument is large or fragile, you may leave it with the front desk at your daycare.  The Music Pals teacher will be happy to get it for class and then leave it back at the front for you to pick up.  We encourage you to bring in real instruments, but toy instruments are also fine!

So far this year we have had Show 'N' Tell guitars, harmonicas, violins and jingle bells.
Thank you to Justice, Zain, Coen, Sirinda, Kalel and Me'Kenzi for sharing your instruments with your classes.

Are you a musician??
If you would like to join us one music day, just let us know!  We welcome guest musicians... parents or even grandparents.

A special thank you to Mrs. Beniot for bringing in your violin and giving our class a demonstration!  All the children really enjoyed your mini-concert with Sirinda.  What a treat!!!