Monday, November 12, 2012

Will my child receive class when school is closed?

Yes!  As long as the daycare is open, we will teach classes even when school is out.
If your child will not be attending daycare on computer day or music day, you are welcome to bring him/her in for our class anyway.  Please ask your Computer Pals or Music Pals teacher what time your child's class will be held for that day (schedules are subject to change when there is no school).  Or, feel free to call us at the office and we will arrange to coordinate a time for you.

The only exception will be Monday, Dec. 24 - Wednesday, Jan. 2.
Computer Pals and Music Pals will be closed during this time.
All classes resume on Thursday, January 3.
*There will be no classes at Children's Friend Wednesday, Dec. 19 - Wednesday, Jan. 2.*

Thank you and enjoy your break!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Searching for an educational gift to give your child?

We have a great selection of educational items that you can order to observe your child's progress at home.  This is a great way to follow up with what your child is learning in our classes!
We have recently reduced the prices on some of our computer software and hardware as well as music CDs, DVDs and instruments.  Our bundled packs have been revised:

$45: Our Computer Pals Software Package includes an easy to use Kid Mouse plus an educational software program to use on your home computer.
Let the computer tutor your preschooler on letters and numbers while teaching mouse skills by popping one of our educational CDs into your PC or laptop.  Or offer your older schooler a fun way to learn typing, science or travel foreign countries.  The Kid Mouse is not only ergonomically designed to fit little hands.. it has a friendly colorful character on it, too!

$50: Our Music Pals Music Backpack offers 4 to 5 different percussion instruments plus your choice of a music CD or DVD with your kid's favorite Music Pals songs.
These instruments are real and accurately pitched with great tone quality.  They are durable, safe and meant to last.  Professional quality.  Drums by REMO.  The instructional DVD is full of  fun and easy to follow music instruction with a teacher, students and puppets!  Take it all on the go with this wearable kids' backpack.

We also sell individual computer CDs or music CDs (great for singing along in the car :).

These can be great educational gifts for grandparents and other family members who want to give your child something fun that's not just a "toy".
Be sure to place your order or have your relatives call us while we still have your items in stock. 706-650-7969.

We will even deliver your order to your daycare in a gift bag at no additional charge.